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Aleksander Rise Gallala
December 11, 2021

Oshaug cast demanding part for innovative pump system

Fresh from machining: A most demanding geometry requires state of the art modelling and casting to get a flawless result. The component is at the core of a new generation of pumps which will be introduced to the market shortly.
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Stein Berg Oshaug
September 21, 2021

AluGreen project awarded NOK 76.9 million

We have had a very pleasant visit from, among others, State Secretary Lucie Katrine Sunde-Eidem this week! She came with news that the AluGreen project, of which Oshaug is a part, has been awarded a total of NOK 76.9 million in support! Norsk Hydro is leading the AluGreen project, which will increase the value creation of aluminum produced in Norway through further processing of sustainable aluminum products.
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Geir Oshaug
August 12, 2020

The biggest machine center installed in our region this year

Probably the biggest machine center installed in our region this year is the 45.000 kg (2800x1800x1800) simultaneous five-axis FPT MillTurn center now being installed now at Oshaug Metall AS' site in Årødalen, Molde.
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